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University Internships: Where You will Earn with Learning

University Internships: where you will earn with learning

In the dynamic world of education, practical experience is as crucial as theoretical knowledge. Poornima University furthers this belief by introducing a unique summer internship program designed specifically for school students. This initiative bridges the gap between academic learning and practical application and opens avenues for “earning while learning.” Let’s dive into how Poornima University is setting a benchmark in educational excellence through its innovative internship offerings.

A Unique Opportunity for Young Minds

Unlike traditional university programs that cater primarily to college undergraduates, Poornima University’s summer internships are tailor-made for school students, providing them a platform to explore, learn, and earn simultaneously. This program is an exclusive opportunity where schools can apply on behalf of their students, ensuring a learning path that is both secure and structured.

Diverse Domains for a Holistic Development

Poornima University offers internships across a spectrum of exciting and future-oriented domains:

  1. Solar Energy: Students get hands-on experience in the burgeoning field of solar technology, understanding sustainable energy solutions.
  2. CRID (Centre for Research, Innovation, and Development): This segment allows students to explore innovation and product development, fostering a culture of research and creativity.
  3. Sustainability Projects: In alignment with global goals, these internships focus on environmental stewardship and sustainable practices.
  4. Self-Management: Essential skills for personal development and efficiency are taught, preparing students for higher education and professional life challenges.
  5. Financial Development: Here, students learn about economic fundamentals, financial planning, and management, skills crucial for personal growth and career development.
  6. Arts Workshops: These workshops encourage creative expression through various forms of art and are perfect for students inclined towards the creative arts.

Benefits of the Internship Program

The benefits of participating in a summer internship at Poornima University extend beyond the conventional. Here are some compelling advantages:

– Practical Exposure: Students apply their academic knowledge in real-world scenarios, bridging the gap between theoretical studies and practical application.

– Skill Enhancement: Each internship is designed to enhance specific skill sets, such as technical knowledge, creative skills, or personal development.

– Networking Opportunities: Students meet experts and professionals from various industries, expanding their perspectives and professional networks.

– Earn While You Learn: A standout feature of these internships is the opportunity for students to earn stipends, making them financially rewarding experiences.

How Schools Can Apply

Applications for summer internships are unique, as only schools can apply for their students. This process ensures that the entire experience is curated under the guidance of educational institutions, making it safe and beneficial for students. Schools interested in enriching their students’ summer breaks with valuable learning experiences can contact Poornima University’s admissions office directly or visit their website for more details.


At Poornima University, the summer internship program is more than just a learning initiative; it’s a stepping stone to future success. By integrating financial incentives with educational growth, Poornima ensures that students are prepared for the future and appreciate the value of innovation and practical experience. Encourage your school to seize this incredible opportunity and open doors to a world where education meets aspiration.

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