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Uniting Education: PU Joins Forces with Rajasthan Royals

Poornima University has launched a new partnership with the Indian Premier League (IPL) team, the Rajasthan Royals. This unique collaboration bridges sports and academics, aiming to provide a comprehensive education encompassing academic studies and sporting achievements. The move reflects the university’s dedication to providing an education beyond typical classroom learning, creating a place where students can excel in their studies and sports.

Bridging the Gap Between Academia and Athletics

Known for its excellence in engineering and other fields, Poornima University pioneered innovative educational methods. The university’s partnership with Rajasthan Royals is a leading example of how schools can integrate sports into their curriculum. This approach views play as entertainment and an essential part of student development.

This partnership will help students by providing exclusive opportunities to explore careers in professional sports, engineering and similar fields. It also highlights the importance of being physically fit and mentally healthy to perform well in academics.

Poornima University | A Hub for Engineering Excellence

Poornima University is renowned for its high-quality engineering programs. These programs are regularly updated to meet the changing needs of the industry. The university offers a challenging but adaptable curriculum to prepare students for today’s world. It has modern facilities, knowledgeable faculty and an emphasis on research, making it a great place for future engineers.

Innovation and Research

The university’s engineering programs focus on innovation and research, providing students with abundant opportunities for practical projects, internships and teamwork on research, often with industry partners. This approach ensures graduates are well-versed in theory and highly skilled in solving real-world problems.

Holistic Development

Poornima University focuses on the holistic development of its students and not just on technical skills. Their collaboration with Rajasthan Royals provides a unique opportunity for students to learn about teamwork, leadership and determination. These qualities are essential for success in both professional life and sports.

A New Era of Education

The collaboration between Poornima University and Rajasthan Royals is not just a simple partnership but a visionary approach to education. It represents a step toward a comprehensive learning approach that prepares students for life beyond just their jobs. Through this, the university helps in the personal development of its students and the betterment of society.

Why Choose Poornima University?

Choosing where to pursue higher education is a decision that shapes one’s future. Poornima University is unique for several reasons:

  • Our curriculum is tailored to industry needs, ensuring students are ready for employment immediately after graduation.
  • Our facilities include modern laboratories, workshops and libraries, creating an ideal environment for learning.
  • Our faculty comprises committed professors and lecturers who bring a rich blend of knowledge and experience to the classroom.
  • Industry partnerships include working closely with top companies and organizations, such as Rajasthan Royals, to provide practical experiences and opportunities to students.
  • Holistic development means working on the whole person, including improving physical, mental, and social skills.


Poornima University’s collaboration with Rajasthan Royals represents an innovative education approach that values academic achievement and physical fitness. This partnership is designed to help students succeed in various careers, including engineering, by providing high-quality education, practical experience and holistic development opportunities.

Poornima University and Rajasthan Royals are making education more dynamic and inclusive by combining sports with education. This approach provides a richer and more holistic educational experience.