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Certificates in Finance & Banking: PU’s Collab with Bajaj Finserv

Certificates in Finance & Banking: PU’s Collab with Bajaj Finserv

In today’s fast-changing financial world, knowing about banking and finance is super important. Poornima University and Bajaj Finserv, a top Indian finance company, have joined hands to offer a special Certificate in Finance & Banking. This program helps students gain practical skills and knowledge to succeed in finance jobs.

Bridging the Gap between Academia and Industry

Real-World Financial Skills

The Certificate in Finance & Banking program helps students connect what they learn in class with practical financial skills. Taught by experts from Bajaj Finserv, it covers topics like how financial markets work, investment strategies, managing risks, and financial planning.

Industry-Relevant Curriculum

Our curriculum teaches everything you need for a successful finance and banking career. You’ll learn from the basics of banking to advanced investment analysis and the latest fintech trends.

Learning Outcomes and Program Structure

Hands-On Learning Experience

Students will dive into case studies, real-world financial projects, and simulations, getting hands-on practice to boost their understanding. This method strengthens both book smarts and sharpens analytical and decision-making abilities.

Flexible Learning Modules

The program is made to be flexible, suiting both full-time students and professionals. You can attend weekend classes or use online modules, making it easier to manage your studies alongside work and personal life.

Career Advancement Opportunities

Networking and Placement Support

Enrolling in this certificate program offers great networking chances with pros from Bajaj Finserv and other top financial firms. Plus, Poornima University provides strong placement assistance, making it easier for students to land finance sector jobs.

Skill Enhancement

This program is great for students who want to focus on finance or improve their chances in a tough job market. You’ll learn skills useful for many jobs in banking, finance, and insurance.

Why Choose Poornima University?

A Leader in Education

Poornima University, India’s top-ranked, offers diverse programs in engineering, management, arts, and more. Known for cutting-edge facilities, expert faculty, and a dedication to nurturing learning and innovation.

Scholarship Opportunities

Future students should know that Poornima University offers big scholarships, up to 90% for those who qualify. These scholarships show how much the university cares about making education possible for everyone.


The partnership between Poornima University and Bajaj Finserv is a big deal for financial education. The Certificate in Finance & Banking boosts what Poornima University offers and opens up more career opportunities for students. This collaboration helps students learn both theory and practical financial skills, making Poornima University a top choice for preparing students for today’s world.

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