Why Interior Designing is an interesting course?

Everytime you go for dinner to a fancy restaurant, is the interior of the place the first thing that catches your eye? Whenever your friends invite you for a housewarming party, do you give them advices on how they can make their house beautiful. If your answer to the above questions is yes then you must right away enroll yourself for an interior designing course.

In India, this field has evolved with a rapid pace in the last 10 years. Designing that in yesteryears was considered just a hobby has now emerged as a full-fledged course that channelizes the creativity of the learner in a constructive way. The School of Design of Poornima University offers interior designing courses wherein the students can gain expertise in the field with the valuable assistance of a professional faculty. However before you take the big decision of opting for the course from the best Rajasthan University; it is important that you should be aware of the challenges in the field of Interior Designing.

1)Designer Vs Decorators
What one factor do you think draws the dividing line between the two people? The answer is simple, education. Decorator is someone who loves colours. They either enter the textile industry and colour fabrics or engage themselves in the printing industry. Decorators lack the knowledge of professional designing. On the other hand, interior designers are qualified professionals who hold a degree and accreditation in the field. Organizations as well as clients prefer interior designers who are qualified, experienced and updated with the current trends of designing in the market!

2)Knack for designs
Interior Designing is a course that must be undertaken by a student if they have an interest or passion for the field. If you like designing things for decorating your home or you like when people compliment you for a specific creative thing that you made for them, then only pursue the course. Designing needs imagination and at the same time accurate knowledge of the things that you have to use while implementing your ideas into reality.

3)A vast field
If you think that Interior Designing deals only with colours and fabrics that one uses in the commercial or residential space, then sorry to say, but you are wrong! The top private University in Jaipur, Poornima University considers Interior Designing to be a comprehensive course that makes a student familiar with-
• history of designs
• the measurements of the structure
• codes of the building
• psychology of the people living in it
• CAD-Computer Aided Drawing
In short, the designing students are expected to be ‘Jack of all trades’. They work not only with the owners of the property but with the architects, engineers and the builders also.

4)Good pay-packages
Interior Designing is a field where your worth is decided by the amount of talent you have. The more innovative and creative you are, the more would be your goodwill and the more would be your income. Once you hold a degree in the field, you come in a comfortable position where the technical queries of the clients do not worry you at all! An interior designer gets paid once they gain exposure and experience in the world of design! Also while pursuing the course, the students gain exposure through exhibitions, conferences and educational visits that help them in understanding the practical application of designs.

Like the other fields, Interior Designing also requires certain disciplines and hard work. One needs to be extremely polite and patient as they will definitely come across clients who might have had a bad experience with the previous designer. The course inculcates many skills in the person, broadens their horizon and gives them an eye with which they see everything around them creatively!

5 Reasons for why you should opt for MBA?

MBA, in the recent years, has emerged as a course that has given the students a glimpse of the corporate world. It is a beneficial course for the ones who plan on making their career in the field of Management. If you are a management aspirant, MBA is the course that can help you in reaching the heights of success.

Opens up opportunities
If you feel that your current career path needs a boost, then MBA is the ideal course that can accelerate the process. The School of Management of Poornima University is one of the best MBA Colleges in India that equips the students with proficient knowledge of the field which helps them in exploring better job opportunities than the ones they might get without the degree. MBA is also necessary for those who want to climb up to a managerial position in their existing organization.

Better Pay-Packages
The MBA degree holders always fetch better pay packages as reputed companies prefer hiring MBA students. The reason is that the entire course enhances the skills of the students and they emerge as confident and learned individuals who are bubbling with innovative business ideas. Poornima University is one of the top Universities for MBA because every year the students of the School of Management sit for interviews in big firms and land up in reputed jobs.

Commence your own business
Once a person completes the MBA, they gain so much knowledge of the business world that sometimes instead of working under someone else, they start their own business. They do so as they know the tastes and preferences of the market, the competition in the outside world, the disciplines of the field and above all the tricks to survive the tough competition! The skills that they acquire at the B-School help them in taking their own business to new heights!

A good network
In Business Schools one comes across students of different regions and cultures. When this kind of cultural exchange takes place, strong relationships are built which later on helps everyone in developing a good network. Once the students leave the college, the network that they built there helps them in their business career. Some can bring for you good job offers, some can help you in solving a complex business situation while some can give you valuable business contacts or clients. That is why it is always said that one must never miss their College Alumni Meetings!

Gives a sense of security
Everybody wants a life that is stable and secure. MBA is a course that gives a sense of job security to a person. An organization looks forward to having qualified MBA professionals for they know that MBA holders help in increasing the productivity of the company. Employers are always in search of Management students. This is the biggest reason why after completing MBA, a sense of security is experienced by the student!

There are many advantages of pursuing an MBA course. You can always become a part of any emerging industry such as e-commerce, telecommunication or advertising. The opportunities are wide open for MBA

TOP 5 Reasons for pursuing MBA

We are luckily living in a world today, where the career choices are massive and there is an abundance of qualified people competing for the same. With so many career options available today, choosing the ideal one sometimes gets difficult. A student faces dilemma when it comes to picking up a course for post graduation. The choice can be challenging but if you are looking forward to carving a place for yourself in the business world; just close your eyes and go for MBA. Despite the high fees of the course, MBA holds a lot of benefits for you in the coming future.

High Salary
You must do research thoroughly before opting for a course. If you compare the salaries of MBA graduates with that of other degree holders, you will instantly realize why MBA is a rewarding course. Students at School of Management have been fetching respectable packages in reputed companies. The success rate of PU students’ placements clearly reflects the reason behind its reputation as one of the top MBA Colleges in India.

Gives confidence to start a new venture
Today most of the young entrepreneurs who have earned a name for themselves in the business world are the ones who learned the business principles at a young age through MBA. When one studies the Masters’ course, they cultivate skills and confidence which motivates them to start their own ventures. Apart from business management, one even learns planning and financial handling which later on helps them in developing their own business which in turn helps in economic development of the country.

Offers a promising future
MBA gives a wonderful chance to the young graduates to specialize in their area of interest such as HR, Marketing, Sales, International Business, Information Systems, and Finance. The School of Management is one of the top MBA Colleges in Jaipur that even offers a 5-Year integrated course of BBA and MBA. The core areas that have been penetrated have opened up multiple opportunities for the students to expand and develop their mind.

Builds up a strong network
Business Schools are actually a wonderful platform where people of different minds come together and interact with each other. The variety ranges from recruiters, acclaimed speakers, entrepreneurs and the list can go on. Students who chose to pursue MBA are highly ambitious and so when you talk to them, you really might be talking to a future business manager or a senior executive of a reputed organisation. These are the people who can prove to be ideal business partners in the future or the ones whose recommendation can help you in getting a good job!

A flexible course
Today a lot of students are opting for distance MBA and they are mainly the ones who have a job and want to pursue MBA along with the work. Most of the Colleges today have started full time and part time MBA that suits the needs of working people. One can attend evening MBA classes or can attend lectures on weekends.

MBA is a course that promises you a bright future. If you want to explore the business world and wish to become an entrepreneur, pursue your MBA from Poornima University’s School of Management.

Why is BBA the right course for you?

Today, the Commerce students right after completing their 12th board exams start filling up forms for the top BBA Colleges in India. Why do you think that this 3-year undergraduate programme is picking up so much popularity? A BBA degree makes a student well-versed with the business environment in which they will have to work in the future. It teaches a student nuances that are necessary for the effective working of an organisation. BBA students are provided with a comprehensive education wherein they learn an array of subjects such as- human resource, banking, finance, international business, strategic management, information of technologies and sales and marketing!

How will you grow in your career if you pursue BBA?
In today’s competitive era, if you do not possess skills and knowledge, the fierce competitors around you can uproot within seconds. BBA teaches a student all the skills that can help him or her in handling and managing the pressures and challenges of the business environment. A student thus, after the completion of BBA becomes competent enough to overcome the management difficulties, and they acquire good communication skills.

  • Further studies: Most of the students after completing their BBA, opt for MBA as it helps them in further expanding their knowledge and skills. An MBA degree adds weight age to a person’s resume. The core skills get strengthened when one pursues MBA post BBA. The School of Management of Poornima University is one of the best BBA Colleges in Jaipur and also offers MBA courses. One can explore the various specialisations like- Human resource, finance or marketing in MBA.
  • Opportunities: Career prospects post BBA are extremely bright. Even a BBA graduate can apply for entry level jobs in Banking, Sales, Marketing or Finance. After gaining an experience in the job, one can opt for MBA as MBA lands a person in reputed jobs at good packages. After completion of BBA, you can also sit for bank exams as the curriculum of BBA makes you well-verse with the banking sector.
    The School of Management polishes the skills and knowledge of its BBA graduates through internships, presentations, industrial visits and projects. This helps the student in understanding the organisational set-up and its management!

How Important Is a College Education?

Getting a good job, buying a luxurious house and raising a family- all of these starts after you go through College education. Taking admission in a reputed college is the dream of every Indian student. A college degree opens up new opportunities for a person as it contributes to their social and intellectual growth. The students get benefitted if they manage to go to reputed Universities as it, later on, helps them in pitching for skilled jobs or higher studies. Here are five important reasons why you should always go for the college education.

  • Financial Security
    Money is one of the most significant driving force behind people who opt for the college education. If one manages to bag a postgraduate or PhD degree post-graduation, they can get reputed jobs at good packages. The recent surveys clearly indicate that high school pass outs do not prosper as much as the Graduates or postgraduates do. There are many courses available today in the education line. The salary amount largely depends on upon the field and the qualifications of a person. Poornima University, which is the most popular Rajasthan University, offers a variety of courses from B.com, Engineering to Architecture and Designing. You can pursue any of the fields in which you hold interest.
  • Job Benefits
    Most of the companies today provide a lot of benefits to their employees to keep them happy and satisfied. The benefits include- house allowances, travel allowances, retirement benefits, health care cards for the family and many other perks. This helps the employees in taking care of their family’s needs especially in the case of the health problems that we witness all around us today. But the people who get these benefits are usually graduates and postgraduates. Sometimes the salary of an employee is less than what he takes back home as benefits. The ones who skip College Education might be missing on a lot of such benefits.
  • Career opportunities
    A college education teaches discipline to a student. They understand the concept of teamwork, understand the importance of communication and go through a comprehensive learning. Attending a college paves the way for a better career. Many students when they enter college are often confused about what they want to do in life, but by the time they step out all their doubts get clarified. Poornima University, which is the top private University in Jaipur, inculcates skills in their students by imparting quality education and by creating a vibrant learning atmosphere through a lot of extra-curricular activities. College Education teaches you how to do analytical thinking; how to understand the complexities and above all how to communicate your innovative ideas to your colleagues and peers which people who never went to college can never excel in!
  • A future investment
    What you pay for college is an investment that helps you in reaping profitable benefits in future. A college degree broadens the thinking of a person, and they set goals and targets for themselves. College is tough and tiring, but it prepares you for the challenges that can, later on, help you in getting success in this hardcore competitive world!
    Always go for College education, for what you will learn and develop in there, can never be taught to you outside!

Modern era of education – at University in Jaipur

The world is going modern with changing time, and information technology is placing its roots in every field of our day to day life. Education is also modified considerably with the modern era. Let’s discuss on the elements where the modernization has affected the education industry.

The education and teaching segment in the country is being developing like it had never before in the past. Online education is known to offer the students with numerous variety of courses and choices in order for them to practice a career that they are interested in and completing it is their preferred duration. At the present time, even while there is an orthodox charm in the degree education, the electronic learning or e-learning programs have witnessed some major ascent in the Indian scenario of institutional education. This ascend has doubled in the last few decades due to the several courses provided as online master’s specialization in the post graduate as well as EMBA’s by the pinnacle institutes and universities. There are numerous options available in these online programs. These programs vary from combined degrees through the doctorates in many majors. The counseling as well as instructions takes place via an amalgamation of various methods; that be like the following:

  • Video lectures
  • Online counseling
  • Updated course material
  • Complete student support
  • Teleconferences
  • Class chat rooms
  • Message boards and
  • Virtual simulations.

Most of the requirements for a degree obtained online are similar as for the degree obtained on campus. The students need to match and live up to the most basic criterion accepted by various universities like the University in Jaipur for the admissions. They need to provide the documents that are attested, for the identification as well as admission. Few of the graduate courses may need the students to produce a bachelor’s degree or even possibly an applicable work experience. Many Universities in Jaipur also provide these online courses. Following are a few fields where these online programs and degrees are available:

  • Legal
  • Repair and mechanic technologies.
  • Social services and public administration
  • Public safety and law enforcement
  • Education
  • Technologies and engineering
  • Information Technologies and Computer Science
  • Business administration
  • Communication and journalism and much more.

Few of these degree courses entail the students to spend the most minimum time on the campus. However, the students need to stay in regular touch with their batch mates and regularly communicate.

Requirements for online learning: The Universities in Jaipur and all over the country that offer online courses require the students to be equipped with a dependable internet connection. The universities also expect their students to have all necessary software and computer updates in order to have uninterrupted learning time. Few of the universities also offer free computer system or a tablet system for some specific courses that are totally loaded with the course material. The students also need to have the basic skills and knowledge of computers in order to take up the online tuitions.

The Universities in Jaipur are known to provide a 100% learning program online that will fulfill all your desired necessities and also are exceptionally calibrated in order to suit the necessities of the new age modern world. They do not only cater the requirements of the students but also cater the needs of the industry.

Selecting a mechanical engineering university

It is always a troublesome task selecting the best career option for you, given the number of options available. Engineering is certainly the best option at this time but here too the options are unlimited. You can either go with software engineering or can pursue your career in hardware engineering. Mechanical engineering is an excellent option for those who have keen interest in mechanism and learning about the in-depth working of various machines and devices. So if you are someone with the same qualities, no other career than a mechanical engineer can fulfil you desire.

When you begin the process for selecting the ideal mechanical engineering university, take the entire process very seriously. After all, the majority of students spend four years or even up to six years finishing up their mechanical engineering degree. Typically students will visit between five and ten universities before finding the ideal mechanical engineering university for them. There is no reason at all to rush the process of selecting the most appropriate college for your needs. When you consider the amount of information you will be learning, compared to the amount of time you will be spending at the college.

Selecting the appropriate university depends upon a number of factors including the reputation of the college, educational environment, faculty, campus and placement history. These entire factors play very crucial role thus you should never underestimate the importance of any of them. Another key factor to consider is that should you have difficulty reaching the staff before you even enrol in the mechanical engineering university, this difficulty may be a problem even after you have completed the enrolment process. You want a university that is going to help you achieve your educational goals regardless of which type of degree you select.

Mechanical engineering universities often present a unique challenge to students because of the material that is covered, it is quite likely that at some point during your educational career you will become flustered and confused by an assignment and need help. Knowing the proper procedures before enrolling can help you choose the best school for your needs. Many times students want a graduate degree from a mechanical engineering university. It is best to consider an institution that offers both undergraduate and the graduate types of courses at one place. This will enable you to get a feel for what to expect from the mechanical engineering university as a whole on both levels.

In addition, this time spent in the beginning will help ensure that you are not forced to spend another very long period of time looking for a graduate level school in the near future. Simply finding the one school that suits all of your needs initially is both a huge time saver and a huge sanity saver. Making you well prepared in advance is the key to a successful selection, and it ensures a great educational environment as well as a shining career ahead. So never make your decision in hurry; learn all the points very carefully and then finalize with a name.

If you want to ensure a shining career, you must pursue your graduation from top universities in Rajasthan. Poornima University is the best private university in Jaipur which offers a range of career oriented courses.

Engineering College Admission – Things to Remember

Getting admission in a reputed and quality engineering college is the dream of every student. Not just engineering, but students from varied professions feel the same zeal of seeing his name enrolled in a college which is not just good in academic perspective, but ensures an overall development of the student at the same time. But is it really simple fulfilling this dream given the limited number of quality colleges and huge crowd of students. Certainly there are thousands of engineering colleges across the country but any institution with some study material and attractive campus is not meant for quality education. Only a few colleges are there that are really acknowledged for their academic profiles and getting admission in one such college is the guarantee of a shining future.

Given the above mentioned circumstances, the students need to do a lot of homework in order to make him enrolled in a good engineering college. Different colleges apply different admission procedures, which include written examination as well as interview. So you need to do a lot of homework to get success in both. Once you are well prepared, it is very easy to impress the interviewer as well as other college officials involved in admission process. So below are some helpful tips that will guide you throughout the process of getting admission in engineering college:

Be different, be special :

Getting high marks in 10+2 and then in entrance test is certainly important, but thousands of students do so. Then why you are special to get admission in the best college? It is certainly the edge that you have on other students. Never forget to expose your hidden talent and special qualities during the interview. It can be anything ranging from command over some special activity, sports, music, social service and many more. Most of the times it happens that a student with better extra-curricular skills is given more importance than a student with higher GPA.

Why you want to join this college ?

This is one of the most common questions asked by the interviewers. Be prepared with this question and don’t just say this college has better infrastructure, better studies and so on. It is very common answer and is not going to impress the interviewer. Instead, say something that other students don’t know. Get as much information about the college as you can. Your answer may include that you want to learn by doing, not by reading and this type of education is only offered in this college. You can be more creative with your answer.

Be well prepared for interview :

Rarely any good college is there that doesn’t conduct an interview before the admission. Most of the time you will have to undergo a group discussion and a personal interview. Be well prepared for the interview and rehearse for your answers. The interview will not be about the knowledge you have about your field, but it will be about the knowledge that you have about yourself. Be confident and give positive answers, half of your job is done.

If you want to ensure a shining career, you must pursue your graduation from top universities in Rajasthan. Poornima University is the best private university in Jaipur which offers a range of career oriented courses.

Courses offered in engineering universities

All those technology enthusiasts out there have got a new career opportunity in their life. Pursuing the course of engineering is an excellent option for them. Along with that, masters’ degree in management or MBA is also a great career opportunity. There are bunches of jobs for both technical graduates and management graduates in both private and public sector. But before you select any of these courses, it is required that you pick your institution very carefully to ensure a shining career. Taking admission in a university is a better option because these universities provide a range of courses, in both engineering as well as management.

Below are some of the courses offered by most of the engineering universities out there-

Bachelor of Technology :

B. Tech. is the most popular under-graduation course these days and most of the students prefer going for it. The reason is, this field is amongst the highest paying fields of professional life. Various courses are offered under B. Tech. degree which includes Computer Engineering, Civil Engineering, mechanical engineering, industrial engineering and electrical engineering. Select any one of them as per your interest and preference. All of these fields are enriched with huge job opportunities and high packages.

Masters of Technology :

M. Tech. is the masters’ degree of engineering that most of the students prefer pursuing for getting advanced knowledge of their engineering field. Having a master’s degree in engineering increases your chances of getting a better job. Though you can get any good job in a well known IT organization but most of the people pursue M. Tech. degree to get lecturer’s post in the colleges. But this is just the one face of the course and options are endless here. Almost all the engineering colleges offer Masters of Technology courses in different subjects.

Masters of Business Administration :

MBA, the leading management course is the door to multinational companies, and thus it become crucial for the students to have MBA as their masters’ degree. All the streams of MBA which include finance, human resource or marketing, are enriched with immense career opportunities. If you have your management degree from a reputed university, you can get a highly paying job in leading private sector and public sector companies. MBA also gives you the opportunity to sit on the leading posts of banks.

Unlike engineering which is focused toward technical world, the degree of management gives the career opportunities in all the sectors and you can get the job in a company related to any field. Select your course carefully after learning about your interest.

Never select your college or university in hurry and make comprehensive research before finalizing with any university. There are many colleges and universities in Jaipur offering B. Tech, M. Tech and MBA courses. Check the track and placement history of the college before enrolling. One of the finest universities of Jaipur is Poornima University that offers all these courses. Learn more about this university and enrol yourself for a shining and bright future in technical world and management.

If you want to ensure a shining career, you must pursue your graduation from top universities in Rajasthan. Poornima University is the best private university in Jaipur which offers a range of career oriented courses.

Career options in computer engineering

Go out on the roads, and stop 10 students randomly and ask them about what they are studying. I can bet at least four of five of them will say “computer engineering”. This is due to the reason it is one of the most flourishing career options these days. The increasing number of engineering colleges and universities further make it easy for the students to pursue their desired course. But there is one question that every student has in his mind; is computer engineering a really rewarding career option? Here are the top ten questions that one may ask about computer engineering:

  1. What does a computer engineer do?

The computer engineers can be divided in two categories; hardware engineers and software engineers. The hardware engineers are responsible for managing the hardware components, networking, and computer accessories. The software engineers on the other hand are responsible for developing computer software and web applications.

  1. What are the scopes?

Virtually no company these days can run without computers. Computer engineers are highly demanded in all small, medium and large level organizations. A person with right skills is always required in these organizations, thus there is huge scope in field of computer engineering.

  1. What are the salaries?

The salaries of a computer engineer may vary as per the organizations and skills of the person. It may also depend upon your expertise. A skilled computer engineer may get as much as $100,000 if get placed in a good organization. Even in worse conditions, these professionals are paid much higher than other professionals.

  1. Which one is most rewarding field?

Software engineers, also referred to as web developers are in highest demands. There are very few hardware engineers required in an organization but the demand of software engineers is endless. Also, this occupation pays you much more than any other career option.

  1. Will it last for eternity?

No need to ask, it will not just last for eternity, but the demand will keep increasing. So if you are opting computer engineering as a career option, you can always be assured about your future.

  1. Where to pursue?

Because of its popularity, this course is offered in all the engineering universities and colleges. It is required that you pursue your degree from a reputed institute to get extra advantage.

  1. Hardware or Software?

Computer engineers need not to be concerned about this, because both the streams are very flourishing and highly paying. So no matter what course you pursue, your future is bright.

  1. Specialization matters?

Certainly, as it happens everywhere in the world. If you are specialist of some particular field, you get the extra benefit of it. You can become a specialist in artificial intelligence, computer system, computer architecture, computer networking and integrated circuits. Software engineering give you the opportunity to specialize in many programming languages, such as Java, PHP, .NET, HTML, C, C# and many more.

  1. What skills are required?

These are the non-negotiable skills and attitudes of a computer engineer: analytical, detail-oriented, and must be able to work in team situations, especially when fixing a systems problem where other departments are involved.

  1. How to get a job?

This is the most critical part, because a job is what you are preparing for. Most of the large organizations keep announcing openings for computer engineers where you can apply yourself and can get a job. If you are in a good college, you may also get placed through campus placement.

If you are serious about your career, you must pursue your graduation from top universities in Rajasthan. Poornima University is the best private university in Jaipur which offers a range of career oriented courses.